We are a creative collective dedicated to the development and promotion of movies, music, video games, novels and graphic fiction.

We believe that the current economic and cultural environment of theUnited Kingdomis stifling our creativity, making it hard to find funding, support or distribution. Modernist Scientists Ltd was formed to enable us, and fellow creators, to develop creative experiments and find successful routes to market for them.

For any aspiring writer, musician or artist, trying to ‘break into’ the industry or ‘get signed’ has long been seen as both the goal and obstacle to getting creative projects made and seen by a large audience. We believe that these obstacles are crumbling due to advances in technology and artists’ ability to reach their audience. ‘Getting signed’ is no longer the ultimate goal and it is now the responsibility of the artist to promote their work without relying on some benevolent executive to wave a magic wand and find an audience for your creativity.

Mod Scientists is not a charity. We are a Limited Company whose ambition is to be self-funding and who fully expect our experiments to be profitable. Therefore, only those creative projects that demonstrate the potential to show a return for us and our investors will find a home on our website.

With Mod Scientists, we aim to prove that the power is in the hands of the artist to create projects (experiments) of a broadcast / print quality, market the experiments, and make a self-sustaining profit.

Mod Scientists: Infinite creativity under difficult circumstances.

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