Investing in our movie

 Heretic is finished!

We had our world premiere at the Leeds International film festival in November to a sell-out crowd and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience.

But there is still time to invest…just!

With a finished movie on our hands, we are now approaching sales agents and distributors in order to agree a distribution deal for Heretic and start bringing in profit from the movie. The investment window will close very shortly but currently there is still have time to get involved and make some money.

We have 24 units remaining (£6000) and these will be sold in the coming weeks as we screen Heretic to interested parties.

Heretic has been written to be made on a low budget but also have a real chance at a cinema release. We have been very clear from the outset that this is not a vanity or art house piece to showcase Pete’s writing or directing talent; it is a commercial film which will turn a profit and allow us to gain interest and funding for our next feature.

Hence the reason why we are not just offering investors the chance to fund a creative arts project – we are also giving them a chance to make a real return on their investment. In brief, our return system means that investors get their investment paid back before we see a penny of the profit, and they then receive a share (depending on the amount of initial investment) of 50% of the on-going net profits from the film in perpetuity.

Heretic only has to make £30,000 in net profit for all investors to have their initial investment returned and if the film ‘breaks through’, as we fully expect it to do, all investors will make a tidy profit on their initial investment sum.

We successfully raised the £18,000 we needed to shoot the film with only a website and Pete’s stunning script. We now have a finished movie so the risk of investment is greatly reduced. Don’t miss out – invest and become a movie producer now!

If you are interested in investing in Heretic then please click here to contact us.

Or if would like to read our investor contract then you can download a copy from here.



Donate one pint to Heretic and help get the film released!


Despite having a finished movie on our hands, there are still bills to be paid!

So we are asking all of our friends, followers and fellow film-makers to donate the price of a pint to Heretic.

All we are asking for is £3.50 (the price of a pint up North) – not even the price of a glass of wine or a G&T!

Click on the button above, donate £3.50 and show your support for British film.

Then – when the film is released – collar us at the bar some time and we’ll buy you the pint back 🙂


Want to donate more than £3.50?  Want to buy us TWO pints??  Then you can use the ‘donate’ button below to contribute an amount of your choosing:


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