Reviews for Heretic

Starburst – “Dark, haunting and inventive, it would be heresy to give this one a miss” (7/10) 

Nerdly – “This is one of the best British horror films I’ve seen in a long time” (5/5)

Bloodguts – “Handford has masterfully created a British classic that is a must see for fans of Blood on Satans Claw and The Sentinel” (5/5) 

UK Horror Scene – “Heretic is a superb new British horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end” (8/10)

Horror Cult Films – “A haunting, claustrophobic chiller that will creep under your skin” (7/10)

Total Spec – “Heretic is chilling and unnerving. It even made me jump a couple of times, which was a surprise, as I thought that I had become immune to anything the horror genre could throw at me…” (3/5)

HorrorTalk – “Heretic is a complex, mind-bending thriller that keeps you hung by the neck until its shocking climax” (3.5/5)

Horror Asylum – “A hugely successful debut film” (3.5/5) 

UK Horror Scene (Official DVD release review) – “a top-quality character-driven horror film reliant on atmosphere and its ability to draw you into the web that it weaves” (7/10)

AICN Horror – “Very successful in delivering some truly scary scenes”

That was a bit mental – “Heretic is one hell of an achievement given the financial limitations placed on the crew, and one of the finest British horror films I’ve seen in a while” (4/5)

Zombie Hamster – “This will hopefully be remembered as one of the great modern day ghost tales”

Press Releases

27th March 2012 – Heretic Teaser 1 launched: download the press release

Press and mentions

23rd April 2012 – All things horror: “Trailer Time: Sending HERETIC to The Confessional

20th April 2012 – Planet of Terror: “Teaser Trailer: Heretic

31st March 2012 – Horrortalk: “Heretic Reveals First Teaser Trailer


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