The horror…

No real blog from me today as I didn’t stay for the whole night shoot last night so Harry (who did brave the full 8 hours!) will be blogging about it tomorrow.

I did go into Leeds for the start of the night shoot to drop off food and help set up and it was a very, very eye opening experience!

Firstly, being in the middle of a city on a Bank Holiday weekend when everyone else is drunk and you are not is extremely surreal. Add to the mix that you are trying to move equipment and get things done at pace and you have a recipe for total disaster! But once more the crew pulled out all the stops and did us proud setting the bar up in record time and under difficult circumstances.

The other thing that you notice when you are sober in a city of revelry (apart from how little people wear despite the chilly weather!) is how loud everything is. Shouting drunks, cackling hen parties, pumping base, even tone deaf karaoke – it is all happening. And none of it is meant to feature on the soundtrack of the film so our sound department definitely had their work cut out for them.

And finally on the drive home at 2am I had to deal with the ultimate casualty of the bank holiday weekend – a drunk on a bicycle. Not sure which lane of the road he wanted to be in but I am sure he doubled his trip home with his weaving about!

Harry will give a full account of the shoot tomorrow. Until then enjoy your holiday Monday 🙂

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  1. Shell Dutson says:

    Sounds like another eventful night. Can’t wait to read more.

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